Kaya Craft

Kaya Craft markets Swazi products for export that are handmade or handcrafted in Swaziland. This includes colourful sisal baskets, hand-carved wooden bowls and handmade tapestries. Other products include woven bracelets, earrings, bead and seed necklaces and bags. Kaya Craft also markets some curios from other Southern African countries including carvings and masks.

Sisal basket
sisal basket

Handmade sisal baskets are Kaya Craft's speciality, each basket being unique.

sisal baskets

Hand carved wooden curios from Swaziland and other southern African countries, include the traditional kiaat wooden bowls hand-carved in Swaziland

African masks

wooden bowl

wooden bowl

wooden bowl
woven bracelets

Woven bracelets and earrings, available in a variety of colours. The designs are based on traditional grass weaving patterns.

worry bag

Worry bag

Each worry bag contains minature people, three women and three men. Tell your troubles to the little people, put the bag under your pillow at night, and in the morning your troubles are gone.

Handmade tapestries make unique wallhangings
Tapestry tapestry tapestry
carved wooden toy
Carved wooden toys include a variety of unique and usual styles.

Contact information:

Kaya Craft
P O Box 2759
Tel/Fax: (09 268) 416 2514
Email: kayacraft@realnet.co.sz