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The Mbabane Library Association is a private organisation, staffed entirely by voluntary workers. The library has been providing books for recreational reading since 1927. It is not a reference library.

Membership is open to the public, with an annual subscription of E300.00 being payable half yearly or yearly. Application forms are available at the library. A deposit of E100.00 is required, to be refunded when the member leaves the Association.

This is a non-profit organisation, subscriptions go towards the purchase of new books for the library.

New Books - February 2018

Joanne Hichens - Sweet Paradise

Tom Michell - The Penguin Lessons

Peter Robinson - When the Music's Over

Sandra Brown - Sting

Zadie Smith - Swing Time

Joanne Harris - Gentlemen and Players

Ben Okri - Songs of Enchantment

Deborah Crombie - Where Memories Lie

Clive James - The Silver Castle

Mary Selby - A Wing and a Prayer

Diane Johnson - Le Divorce

Garry Kilworth - The Silver Claw

Charles Palliser - The Unburied

Peter May - The Black House

Laurie Graham - Perfect Meringues

Michael Connelly - The Late Show

Ken Follett - A Column of Fire

Philippa Gregory - Order of Darkness

Clive Cussler - The Cutthroat

Joanna Trollope - City of Friends


Subscribers are entitled to take out four books on each subscription, which may be kept for fourteen days. A subscriber returning a book within this period shall be at liberty to retain it for another period of fourteen days provided that it is not a new book, and the book is brought to the library for re-stamping. Up to four extra books may be taken out on payment of E1.00 per book.

Books are deemed to be new for two months from the date of issue, and these books are available to members for one week only and are not renewable. Only one new book may be taken out at a time on each subscription.

There is a Children's section, no deposit is charged for children of members, and a deposit of E50.00 is payable for children of non-members. The subscription for children is E30.00 per year, payable half yearly or yearly.

In January 2008, a Book Exchange section was set up.

The library is situated on Gwamile Street, next to the Swazi Bank building.

Opening times:

Wednesdays from 10.00 am to 11.30 am
Saturdays from 10.00 am to 11.30 am

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