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The Mbabane Library Association is a private organisation, staffed entirely by voluntary workers. The library has been providing books for recreational reading since 1927. It is not a reference library.

Membership is open to the public, with an annual subscription of E300.00 being payable half yearly or yearly. Application forms are available at the library. A deposit of E100.00 is required, to be refunded when the member leaves the Association.

This is a non-profit organisation, subscriptions go towards the purchase of new books for the library.

New Books - June 2018

L A Larkin - Devour

Ferdinand von Schirach - The Girl Who Wasn't There

Amanda Eyre Ward - The Same Sky

Paul Mendelson - The Serpentine Road

Keigo Higashino - Malice

Nicci French - Saturday Requiem

Nelson deMille - The Cuban Affair

Alexander Soderberg - The Andalucian Friend

Erica Spindler - Don't Look Back

Joanna Hershon - A Dual Inheritance

Martina Cole - The Life

Faye Kellerman - Blindman's Bluff

Bruce Chatwin - On The Black Hill

Peter Godwin - When A Crocodile Eats The Sun

Dean Koontz - Mr Murder

James Hall - Bones of Coral

Thomas Pakenham - The Scramble for Africa

J D Robb - Glory in Death

Jane Hawking - Travelling to Infinity

Lynda LaPlante - Clean Cut


Subscribers are entitled to take out four books on each subscription, which may be kept for fourteen days. A subscriber returning a book within this period shall be at liberty to retain it for another period of fourteen days provided that it is not a new book, and the book is brought to the library for re-stamping. Up to four extra books may be taken out on payment of E1.00 per book.

There is a Children's section, no deposit is charged for children of members, and a deposit of E50.00 is payable for children of non-members. The subscription for children is E30.00 per year, payable half yearly or yearly.

In January 2008, a Book Exchange section was set up.

The library is situated on Gwamile Street, next to the Swazi Bank building.

Opening times:

Wednesdays from 10.00 am to 11.30 am
Saturdays from 10.00 am to 11.30 am

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