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Sunday, December 1, 1991
Pete Davies All Played Out  
Jeffrey Archer As the Crow Flies  
Catherine Cookson The Black Candle  
Sidney Sheldon The Doomsday Conspiracy  
Richard Cox Park Plaza  
Robert Goddard Take No Farewell  
Carolyn Hougan The Romeo Flag  
Elizabeth James Life Class  

Friday, November 1, 1991
Geoffrey Moorhouse Apples in the Snow  
Len Deighton Mamista  
Nadine Gordimer My Son's Story  
Theo Aronson Heart of a Queen  
Palma Harcourt The Reluctant Defector  
James Michener The Novel  
Emma Blair Scarlet Ribbons  
Robin Cook Vital Signs  

Tuesday, October 1, 1991
Una Mary Parker Enticements  
John Hillaby Journey to the Gods  
Evelyn Anthony The Relic  
Gareth Patterson Where the Liar Walked  
Bryce Courtenay Tandia  
Geoffrey Jenkins A Hive of Dead Men  
Bella Grey Angel  
Andrew Saville Bergerac and the Jersey Rose  

Sunday, September 1, 1991
William Davis (ed) The Punch Book of Women  
J M Gardiner Magnolias: Their Care and Cultivation  
Elizabeth Buchan Light of the Moon  
Jack Higgins The Eagle has Flown  
Wilbur Smith Elephant Song  
Janet Malcolm The Journalist and the Murderer  
Colin Forbes Whirlpool  
Heather Hay Honour  

Thursday, August 1, 1991
Peter Padfield Himmler, Reichsfuhrer SS  
Nancy Livingston Never Were Such Times  
John Grisham The Firm  
Joel Mervis The Fourth Estate  
Judith Krantz Dazzle  
Gerald Seymour Condition Black  
Heather Hay Heritage  
Peter Tremayne The Return of Raffles  

Monday, July 1, 1991
Resa L Dudovitz The Myth of Superwoman  
John Julius Norwich Venice, a Traveller's Companion  
Richard Martin Stern Tsunami  
Campbell Armstrong Agents of Darkness  
Richard Olivier Olivier at Work  
Claire Rayner Postscripts  
Julian Rathbone The Pandora Option  
Joseph Hone Summer Hill  

Saturday, June 1, 1991
John le Carre The Secret Pilgrim  
Michael Pearson The Shadow of Elizabeth  
Kirk Douglas Dance with the Devil  
Michael Molloy The Century  
Len Deighton Spy Sinker  
Kate Corcarelli Pretty Women  
Margaret Morley The Summer Woods  
Julian Symons Death's Darkest Face  

Wednesday, May 1, 1991
Ina Taylor The Edwardian Lady  
Len Deighton Spy Line  
Barbara Vine Gallowglass  
Michael Dobbs Wall Games  
Christopher Hood Dropping In  
Rosalind Laker Circle of Pearls  
Alex Baldwin The Soldier Spies  
Margaret Graham A Fragment of Time  

Monday, April 1, 1991
R H Super The Chronicler of Barsetshire  
Belva Plain Harvest  
James Plunkett The Circus Animals  
Betsy Whyte Red Rowans and Wild Honey  
William Boyd Brazzavile Beach  
Derek Lambert The Gate of the Sun  
Anita Shreve Eden Close  
John Moody Moscow Magician  

Friday, March 1, 1991
Jane Fallan Losing Weight Naturally  
Richard Aellen Crux  
Maisie Mosco For Love and Duty  
John Laurence Laurence of Lucknow  
Scott Turow The Burdon of Proof  
Sally Beauman The Dark Angel  
Maeve Binchy Circle of Friends  
Cary Harrison Richard's Feet  

Friday, February 1, 1991
Suzy Wighton One Day at a Time  
Robin Cook Harmful Intent  
Carolyn Haddad Flowers of the Dessert  
Gerald Durrell The Ark's Anniversary  
Dick Francis Longshot  
Nelson deMille Gold Coast  
Jan Butlin GL  
Virginia Andrews Web of Dreams  

Tuesday, January 1, 1991
John Gielgud Backward Glances  
Clive Cussler Dragon  
Nicholas Luard Kala  
Ludovic Kennedy Euthanasia  
Craig Thomas The Last Raven  
Andrew MacAllan Generation  
Elliot Roosevelt Murder at the Hobcaw Barony  
John Starr The Dark Side of the Dream  
Janet Dailey Masquerade  
Margaret Yorke Once a Stranger  

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