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Tuesday, December 1, 1992
Una Mary Parker The Palace Affair  
Gerald Durrell Marrying off Mother and Other Stories  
James Follett Dominator  
Mary Stewart Stormy Petrel  
Sebastian Mallaby After Apartheid  
Susan Howatch Mystical Paths  
Alistair MacNeill Time of the Assassins  
Sandy Woodward One Hundred Days  
Lena Kennedy Kate of Clyve Shore  
Julian Symons Something Like a Love Affair  

Sunday, November 1, 1992
Alan Trengove Story of the Davis Cup  
Dale Brown Sky Masters  
Edward Rutherford Russka  
Errol Trzebinski The Kenya Pioneers  
Jack Higgins The Eye of the Storm  
Christopher Hope Serenity House  
Anita Burgh Advances  
Peter Stiff Nine Days of War  
Avery Corman Prized Possessions  
Bernard Taylor Charmed Life  

Thursday, October 1, 1992
John Grisham The Pelican Brief  
Rumer Godden Coromandel Sea Change  
Joanna Trollope A Village Affair  
Alexander Cordell Moll  
Dalene Matthee The Mulberry Forest  
Duff Hart-Davis Horses of War  
William Paul The Liar Rampant  
Isabelle Holland A Fatal Advent  

Tuesday, September 1, 1992
Paul Thomas Fur Seal Island  
Rosamunde Pilcher The Blue Bedroom  
Patricia Cornwell Body of Evidence  
Victoria Glendenning Vita  
Robert Ludlum The Road to Omaha  
Susan Howatch Scandalous Risks  
Danielle Thomas Children of Darkness  
Elizabeth Walker Hallmark  

Saturday, August 1, 1992
Dan Mosey Fred, Then and Now  
Audrey Slaughter Blooming  
Vivian Stuart The Patriots  
Guy Arnold Journey Round Turkey  
Craig Thomas A Hooded Crow  
D Pearson Voices of Summer  
Marion Chesney The Original Miss Honeyford  
Alan Scholefield Thief Taker  

Wednesday, July 1, 1992
Peter Bagshawe Warriors of the Sky  
Daphne Wright Never Such Innocence  
Nigel West The Blue LIst  
Simon Wiesenthal Justice not Vengeance  
Peter Driscoll Secrets of State  
Alexandra Ripley Scarlett  
Rodney Stone Cries in the Night  
Stuart Woods New York Dead  

Monday, June 1, 1992
Elizabeth Jane Howard Marking Time  
Lawrence Blair Ring of Fire  
Richard Aellen Flash Point  
Colin Forbes Cross of Fire  
Vivian Stuart The Adventurers  
Elizabeth George For the Sake of Elena  
Iris Murdoch Nuns and Soldiers  
Elizabeth Ferrars A Murder Too Many  

Friday, May 1, 1992
Shirley Lowe and Angela Ince Shaping Up  
Lynda La Plante Bella Mafia  
Don McFarlan (ed) Guinness Book of Records 1992  
Jon Cleary Pride's Harvest  
Barbara Taylor Bradford Remember  
Mikhail Gorbachev The August Coup  
David Malouf The Great World  
Conrad Haynes Sacrifice Play  

Wednesday, April 1, 1992
Amity Shloes Germany, the Empire Within  
Andre Brink An Act of Terror  
Jonathan Kellerman Private Eyes  
Ken Follett Night over Water  
Maisie Mosco New Beginnings  
Hazel Holt The Cruellest Month  
Paul Erdman The Swiss Account  
Julie Ellis East Wind  

Sunday, March 1, 1992
H R Haldeman, Joseph Di Mona The Ends of Power  
Christopher Sherlock Night of the Predator  
Carol Kane Diva  
Stephen Citron The Musical from the Inside Out  
Tom Clancy The Sum of all Fears  
James White Code Blue Emergency  
Charlotte Vale Allen Mixed Emotions  
James Ellroy L A Confidential  

Saturday, February 1, 1992
Laurens van der Post About Blady  
Rosamunde Pilcher Flowers in the Rain  
John Trehaile Blood Rules  
Ralph Glasser Gorbals Voices, Siren Songs  
Ian St James Vengeance  
Jacqueline Briskin The Other Side of Love  
Joan Aiken The Haunting of Lamb House  
Jessica Stirling The Welcome Light  

Wednesday, January 1, 1992
Ivor Mantele Woirld War II  
Alan Scholefield Loyalties  
Frederick Forsyth The Deceiver  
Allan Crawford Tristan da Cunha  
Dick Francis Comeback  
Barbara Vine King Solomon's Carpet  
Fay Weldon The Life and Loves of a She-Devil  
Penelope Lively City of the Mind  

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