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Thursday, December 1, 1994
Tobias Wolff (ed) Picadore Book of American Stories  
J M Coetzee The Master of Petersburg  
Clive Egleton A Killing in Moscow  
Danielle Steel Wanderlust  
Fay Weldon Affliction  
Henry Denker Mrs Washington and Horowitz Too  
Robert Goddard Closed Circle  
Susan Howatch Absolute Truths  
Victoria Holt The Black Opal  

Tuesday, November 1, 1994
Marita van der Vyver Entertaining Angels  
Catherine Cookson Justice is a Woman  
Claire Lorrimer Fool's Curtain  
Claire Raynor London Lodgings  
Clive Cussler Inca Gold  
Dale Jenkins The Belvedere Accords  
Geoffrey Jenkins A Daystar of Fear  
Gerald Seymour The Fighting Man  
Suleika Dawson The Forsytes  
Walter Satterthwait The Death Card  

Saturday, October 1, 1994
John J Robinson Dungeon, Fire and Sword  
Colin Dexter Inspector Morse Omnibus  
Michael Gear People of the Sea  
Peter Essex The Dream Stealer  
Peter Ustinov Still at Large  
Roddy Doyle Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha  
Sara Paretsky Guardian Angel  
Sidney Sheldon Nothing Lasts Forever  
Thomas Kenneally Jacko, the Great Intruder  
Virginia Andrews Ruby  

Thursday, September 1, 1994
Francis Wheen (ed) The Chatto Book of Cats  
F H Hinsley Code Breakers: Story of Bletchley Park  
Allan Massie These Enchanted Woods  
Elisabeth McNeil A Bridge in Time  
Frances Edmond Star of Heaven  
Frances Fyfield Perfectly Pure and Good  
Kathy Tyers Star Wars: The Truce at Bakura  
Mary Wesley An Imaginative Experience  
Quintin Jardine Skinner's Festival  

Monday, August 1, 1994
Raymond Chandler and Robert B Parker Poodle Springs  
Allan Folsom The Day After Tomorrow  
Brenda Clarke A Durable Fire  
Colin Forbes The Power  
Danielle Steel Golden Moments / Omnibus  
Edward Griffiths Kepler: The Biography  
Frederick Forsyth The Fist of God  
Marcia Rose Hospital  
Rumer Godden Pippa Passes  
Sybil Marshall A Nest of Magpies  

Friday, July 1, 1994
Tim Sebastian Last Rights  
Alexandra Connor The Green Bay Tree  
Fiona Bullen A Limited Season  
David Frost David Frost - an Autobiography  
Herman Wouk The Hope  
LaVyrle Spencer November of the Heart  
Tessa Barclay A Hidden Beauty  
James Herbert The Survivor  
Angela Doherty Constant Friends  
Tom Clancy Without Remorse  

Wednesday, June 1, 1994
Alexander Dubcek Hope Dies Last  
Anita Burgh Overtures  
Robert Bernard A Hovering of Vultures  
Anthony Holden The Tarnished Crown  
Gillian Slovo Facade  
Victoria Petrie Hay The Bequest  
Christopher Sherlock Call of the Rain  
Susan Hill The Mist in the Mirror  
Tony Cape Triple Cross  
Emma Blair The Sweetest Thing  

Sunday, May 1, 1994
Terry Waite Taken on Trust  
Janet Tanner Deception and Desire  
Sue Grafton I is for Innocent  
Paul Begg The Scotland Yard Files  
Jeffrey Archer Honour Among Thieves  
Tessa Barclay The Stony Places  
Dick Francis Decider  
Virginia Childs Lady Hester Stanhope: Queen of the Desert  
Monica Dickens One of the Family  
Christine McGuire Until Proven Guilty  

Friday, April 1, 1994
Tom Bower Tiny Rowland - a Rebel Tycoon  
Penelope Lively Cleopatra's Sister  
Clive Egleton A Conflict of Interests  
Willem de Klerk F W de Klerk. The Man in his Time  
Mary Higgins Clark I'll Be Seeing You  
Virginia Andrews Midnight Whispers  
Patricia Cornwell Cruel and Unusual  
Margaret Forster Daphne du Maurier  
Ted Willis The Plume of feathers  
John Gardner The Man from Barbarossa  

Tuesday, March 1, 1994
Joan Southey Footprints in the Caroo  
Adam Hall Quiller Meridian  
Josephine Cox Jessica's Girl  
Bryce Courtenay April Fool's Day  
James Clavell Gai-Jin  
Danielle Thomas Voices in the Wind  
Susan Hill Mrs de Winter  
Howard Cooper A Sense of Belonging  
Claire Rayner Socties  
Clive Egleton Hostile Intent  

Tuesday, February 1, 1994
Theo Aronson The Royal Family at War  
David Morell Assumed Identity  
Claire Lorrimer The Spinning Wheel  
Anne Paton Some Sort of Job  
Evelyn Anthony Exposure  
Jenny Hobbs The Sweet-Smelling Jasmine  
Edmond McCoy Blood of the Fathers  
Charles Fitzroy Italy, a Grand Tour for the Modern Traveller  
Philip McCutchan Convoy Homeward  
Elizabeth George Missing Joseph  

Saturday, January 1, 1994
Urda Jurgens Raisa  
Palma Harcourt Bitter Betrayal  
Caroline Harvey A Second Legacy  
James Patterson Along Came A Spider  
Piers Paul Read Ablaze, the Story of Chernobyl  
Charlotte Bingham Nanny  
John Francome Outsider  
Richard Condon The Venerable Bead  
Barbara Taylor Bradford Angel  
Alanna Knight Blood Line  

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