The board of Lilima Montessori High School has made a commitment to establishing a school which will provide;

- a holistic Montessori/IB education which recognizes the physical, emotional, social, entrepreneurial and intellectual capacities of the students awakening the inner potential of the human spirit

- suitably qualified, inspired and compassionate teachers who are committed to collaborative learning and growth

- the students with a dynamic, prepared environment which meets the specific needs of each adolescent and young adult

- all the students with a global perspective encouraging an awareness of their continual social responsibility


There is a need for more high quality secondary school education in Swaziland. The proposed school opened in January 2017, with the first intake of 21 students....

Vision & Mission

A peaceful world which is attained through our children, where all forms of life are respected creating an inter-dependant global community. To provide children with a safe,...

Montessori Philosophy

Maria Montessori philosophy of teaching...

School Board

Current Board Members and consultants...
“Work on the land is an introduction both to nature and to civilization and gives a limitless field for scientific and historic studies.” — Maria Montessori
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