Our Vision

A peaceful world which is attained through our children, where all forms of life are respected creating an inter-dependant global community.

Our Mission

• To provide children with a safe, courteous, respectful environment in which to grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.

• To nurture their spirit by acknowledging their uniqueness and purpose.

• To create a positive and significant impact on the lives of everyone who is involved in the school whatever their role.

New Montessori middle/high School programs typically begin with a small group of seventh grad-ers. The enrollment gradually builds in size over the years as more families and their students elect to continue with the school through the upper levels.

Secondary Montessori programs commonly follow a carefully considered core-curriculum designed to both prepare students for tertiary education and help them form a sense of the big picture of our world and culture: how knowledge was discovered, how it is used in everyday life, and how apparently separate “subjects” fit together. Respect permeates a Montessori school. It pro-duces the warm, comfortable tone for which our schools are best known. Montessori assumes that students are responsible and capable; that they have within them the ability to succeed.

Our Goals and Objectives

The goal of this school is to cultivate a passion for excellence in everything the students do. To develop:

• self-respect
• respect for others
• honesty, integrity and responsibility
• empathy, compassion, kindness and peacefulness
• a sense of concern for others, warmth and love of community

To Acknowledge

• the unique contribution of all individuals
• the diversity of the global community
• our role in sustainability of our fragile planet

To Inspire

• personal growth
• curiosity, creativity and imagination
• giving back to our community

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