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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about mytrainingresources? - you can email them at enquiries@mytrainingresources.com and they will answer it for you. Or your question might be listed below - have a look.

  • Can I have a look at the materials before I buy them? No, this service is not currently available in South Africa.
  • Do you offer any support when I have purchased some material and am not too sure how to deliver some of it? This service is not currently offered in South Africa. However, all the materials have been tried and tested by the Sahara Consultancy training team and they are familiar with using them. They can work with you on you're not sure about. You can email them on enquiries@mytrainingresources.com. You can also email MSB Lane at msblane@kbraunweb.com and I will ensure your queries are answered.
  • Is the material posted locally? No, mytrainingresources will send out orders from the UK, postage and packaging free. Some resources can be sent straight into your Inbox which makes it quicker to get stuff to you in South Africa.
  • Can I choose to have materials sent straight into my inbox? - Yes, you can request this; we are extending our list of stuff that can be sent out this way.
  • Can I return materials I have bought if I find them not suitable? - Yes, you can. However I'm sure you understand that it is so easy to copy training materials, so we ask you to respect our copyright and return them to us, unused within 30 days. This doesn't apply to ematerials that are downloaded straight to your inbox.
  • Do you have any other materials besides the ones on the website? - mytrainingresources has additional resources available on their UK website (www.mytrainingresources.com), including training toys! They also are constantly developing materials; tell them what you want and they may have something in the pipeline or something out of their own training teams resources that they can send to you.
  • How do I pay for my order? You can pay via PayPal or via EFT. All orders must be paid for BEFORE they will be sent.

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