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Ordering training resources is easy. To find the resources you need, click either on the type of material you are looking for OR on the category of skills you are looking for materials on. When you find the resource(s) you want, click on the shopping cart button next to the resource(s) you want to order. When you have put all the orders you have into the shopping cart, and with the shopping cart open, click on Proceed to checkout. Select whether you want to pay via PayPal (the US$ price will show above the PayPal button) or create an invoice, pay by EFT and send the proof of payment to msblane@kbraunweb.com.

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If you would like assistance customising the materials, facilitating a customised course, training on facilitation skills or any other kind of consulting in the learning space, see MSB Lane Learning Consulting. If the course materials here do not cover the skills you are looking for, see MSB Lane (Learning Consulting).

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