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Tenzin Pema
Ave Maria Behrendt
Holistic Scientist

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Tenzin Pema has studied with various masters in various countries the oral tradition of sciences related to Chinese medicine. Since 1986, she has worked throughout Europe, the Americas and South East Asia. She is available for online consultation, telephonic sessions, and one on one therapy.

Eastern Body Balancing
method of balancing
and diagnosis

suitable for emotional
and nervous imbalance

suitable for sports injuries
and vigorous exercise regimes
Feng Shui
ancient Chinese method
to create balance and order within
business premises and private homes
Herbal & Diet Consultation
online, telephonic and private advice
on food charts and herbal remedies
based on deficiencies

A born psychic, she studied the various skills that would enable comfort for those who consult with her. If none of the above holistic sciences are needed, Tenzin Pema gives oracle readings, therapy sessions and ancient crystal healings and meditations.

From 1986 to 2007 Tenzin Pema worked as a Healer in Europe, South East Asia, Nepal and India.

She was a student of the Ancient Oral Traditions from Master to student in Cambridge, London, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Nepal, travelling to various monasteries under the guidance of her Masters. She has also lectured a number of Holistic Therapy subjects at Camelot International SA.

She spends one out of every five years in society earning money as a healer, which then enables her to run voluntary clinics in various monasteries and Tibetan settlements throughout India.

Contact information:
Tel: Mozambique (+258) 84 762 1548,
RSA (+27) 82 587 6058,
or (+27) 71 914 5849