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  The Sandra Lee Centre
Target Group: Abandoned children and/or double orphans, from birth to age 6 yrs. (may be able to take in a girl a bit older)
Description: Full care, residential homes. 4 homes total with a maximum of 8 children per home. Swazi mother and aunty reside in each home with children. We currently have 24 children living on site full time, with room to take in 8 more children. We only take children that have been referred to us by the social welfare dept. Sorry, but we are unable to assist orphans that are not living on site.
Date Established: 2003
Buildings owned/rented: Owned
Land owned/rented: Owned
Vehicles owned/rented: No vehicles as yet
Permanent staff: 4 mothers, 3 aunties, 1 receptionist, 1 pre-school
Additional help needed: Volunteers welcome, money and food always needed. Bunk beds, mattresses, bedding needed. Large dining room table needed with 6-8 chairs. (Simple in style is fine) A large van or small bus would be wonderful for transporting children. Other needs: Toys in good condition, bicycles and tricycles, lightly worn children clothing and shoes, children books. Computers and computer games. Stereo and children CDís. Chest freezer, microwave, washing machine. TV and DVD player. Blenders for making baby food.
Principal income sources: Overseas aid with local donations also. Yearly fund raising event.
Contact name: Robin and Michael Pratt
Contact's role: Directors
Physical address: PTS
Postal address: PO Box 4379
Town: Mbabane,
Post Code: H100
Swaziland code: +268
404-6176, 7608 2044
Email pratt@swaziplace.com
Key Phrases: Abandoned babies    full residential facility     orphans   
Target Groups: abandoned babies   
Help Needed: equipment    food    funding    furniture    toys    volunteers   

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