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  Vision 2020, Swaziland
Target Group: Persons with Visual Impairment
Description: Identification, referral, assessment and management of all ophthalmic conditions in line with the Global WHO Initiative, Vision 2020. Priority eye diseases: cataract, refractive error and low vision, diabetes, glaucoma, childhood blindness.
Date Established: 2008
Buildings owned/rented: Owned
Land owned/rented: Owned
Vehicles owned/rented: Owned
Permanent staff: Yes
Additional help needed: Volunteers, money, fuel
Principal income sources: Christian Blind Mission (CBM)
Government subvention
Lions Club
Inhouse income generation (spectacle sales)
Auditor: Nil
Contact name: Liz Simon
Contact's role: Programme Coordinator
Physical address: Mbabane Govt Hospital (base)
Postal address: PO Box 184
Town: Eveni
Post Code: H103
Swaziland code: +268
7636 7171
Email lizsimon.v2020@gmail.com
Key Phrases: blindness    cataract    eye clinic    eye health     eyes    health    ophthalmologist    optometrist    refractive error    spectacles    Vision 2020   
Target Groups: people with visual impairment   
Help Needed: fuel    funding    volunteers   

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