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  Academia do Bacalhau - Swaziland
Target Group: With our limited facilities, we assist mainly the elderly and destitute people in the Kingdom
Description: We have assisted students, disabled and the sick. We tend to do our work on request basis, not too well organised at the moment.
Date Established: Established in Swaziland in 1969
Buildings owned/rented: We are using the Portuguese Mbabane Club as our base
Land owned/rented:
Vehicles owned/rented: None. Vehicle use is volunteered
Permanent staff: All work is volunteered
Additional help needed: Maybe volunteers..as money is always needed!
Principal income sources: Income from individual donations. We have once a month an organised lunch where funds are raised. Once a year, we hold a dinner and dance, 21st Nov 2009 we will celebrate 40 years in SD.
Auditor: N/a
Contact name: Vitor, Rohit, Isidro
Contact's role: Volunteers
Physical address: Grupo Desportivo Portugues, in Mbabane
Postal address: PO Box 4386
Town: Mbabane
Post Code: H100
Swaziland code: +268
Vitor 7602 1995;Rohit 7603 6445; Isidro 7602 0184
Email vmo@inyatsi.co.sz
Key Phrases: destitute    disabled    elderly    sick    students    Welfare   
Target Groups: destitute    disabled    elderly    sick    students   
Help Needed: funding    volunteers   

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