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  St Vincent de Paul Bursary Fund
Target Group: Education
Description: Providing bursaries for students in Swaziland from Form 2 to Form 5. We pay for school fees, examination fees,and essential books. We do not pay for uniforms or boarding fees.
Date Established: The Bursary Fund was established 1985. The St Vincent de Paul charity for poor people has been running since the 1960s.
Buildings owned/rented: None
Land owned/rented: None
Vehicles owned/rented: The committee uses their own private cars when necessary.
Permanent staff: None, all voluntary
Additional help needed: Money, volunteers to visit the schools to see the progress of the bursary recipients
Principal income sources: Overseas aid and local donations
Auditor: PKF Accountants - Manzini
Contact name: Dennis Horn, Tony Hatton 5516126
Contact's role: Chairman, Hon.Treasurer
Physical address: We work from our own homes
Postal address: PO Box A 269, Swazi Plaza
Town: Mbabane
Post Code: H101
Swaziland code: +268
4042263, 5516126 , 76020591
Email dhorn@realnet.co.sz
Website: www.stvincentbusaryfund.org.sz
Key Phrases: bursaries    School fees   
Target Groups: high school students   
Help Needed: funding    volunteers   

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