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  Vusumnotfo ('To restart the economy')
Target Group: 18 communities in northern section of Swaziland - specifically:
Entfonjeni Inkhundla - 8 communities
Mayiwane Inkhundla - 5 communities
Etimphisini Inkhundla - 4 communities
Ndzingeni Inkhundla - 1 community
Description: Homestead Development Programme - Objective - Increase the ability of families to secure their basic needs, through sustainable methods such as savings and credit clubs, business training, and gardening
Civil Society and Social Development Programme - Objective - Build capacity within community leadership and civil society structures (such as water and school committees), thereafter providing technical and material support aimed at improving service delivery at community level
Early Childhood Care & Development Programme - Objective Increase community capacity and service delivery aimed at all children achieving their physical, emotional, mental (cognitive) and social ECCD development milestones by a suitable age.
Date Established: Conceptual approval by traditional leaders - December 1995 Authorization by traditional leaders - 8 September 1999
Buildings owned/rented: Structures constructed by Vusumnotfo on Swazi nation land
Land owned/rented: Swazi nation land - within Lutheran Farmer Training Centre
Vehicles owned/rented: 1 - thereafter we contract community vehicles at a set Km rate per assigned task
Permanent staff: 4 - we also use a variety of community people cont
Additional help needed: Specific in-kind skills (professional)
in-kind furniture and equipment
Funds - small levels of unrestricted funds can be used to develop programming that is then packaged for fundraising
Principal income sources: Fundraising and donations - both international and within Swaziland
In-kind donations - including time of volunteers
Auditor: KPMG - Mbabane
Contact name: Katherine J Gau
Contact's role: Director
Physical address: Within Lutheran Farmer Training Centre, next to Ngonini Citrus Estate - 10 Km south of Matsamo border post
Postal address: PO Box 229
Town: Piggs Peak
Post Code: H108
Swaziland code: +268
Office 437 3236 (also fax and voice mail); Cel
Email Vusumnotfo@realnet.co.sz; Vusumnotfo@gmail.com - i
Key Phrases: Business training    Capacity building    Community based organisation    Domestic water supply at community level    Early childhood care and development    Education for all    Food security    HIV    Parenting training    Permaculture    Preschool teachers     Savings & Credit Clubs    Traditional and community leaders   
Target Groups: community development   
Help Needed: equipment    funding    furniture    professional skills   

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