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  SWAZILAND ACTION GROUP AGAINST ABUSE (SWAGAA) Also known as Ingungu Yematsemba / Haven of Hope.
Target Group: Children, women and men especially orphaned, HIV positive and economically vulnerable women and children.
Description: SWAGAA's two main programs are counselliing and education.
We promote attitudinal and behaviour change on gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS, using mass media, dialogues, training sessions and school debates.
We offer counselling services to survivors of abuse and their families. We also strive to reduce women's vulnerability to abuse through promoting their economic independence via income generating projects.
SWAGAA has been instrumental through advocacy and lobbying in initiating the process of the passing of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act. This legislation is currently a Bill that was gazetted in 2009.
Date Established: 1990
Buildings owned/rented: Owned Head Office, Lot 126 Esser Street, Manzini
Land owned/rented:
Vehicles owned/rented: Owned 5
Permanent staff: 24 people
Additional help needed: Money for programmes & operational costs, additional office space, part-time volunteers, digital camera, new computers, printer,
Principal income sources: International donors including UN agencies, Irish Aid, Stephen Lewis Foundation, etc, fundraising drives, donations from local private sector companies & individuals, membership.
Auditor: Kobla Quashie and Associates, Mallya House, Lot 37, Esser Street, Manzini.
Contact name: Ms Cebile Manzini-Henwood
Contact's role: Director
Physical address: Lot 126 Esser Sreet, Manzini, Swaziland
Postal address: P O Box 560
Town: Matsapha
Post Code: M200
Swaziland code: +268
505 7514
Email swagaa@realnet.co.sz
Website: www. swagaa.org.sz
Key Phrases: Child sexual abuse    counselling    domestic violence    emotional abuse    gender-based violence    human trafficking    physical abuse    self-help groups    sexual offences    sexual violence and abuse   
Target Groups: abused and vulnerable children    abused and vulnerable women    economically vulnerable women and children    HIV/AIDS   
Help Needed: additional office space    digital camera    funding for programs and operational costs    new computers    part-time volunteers    printer   

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