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  Sebenta National Institute
Target Group: Illiterate adults, over-aged children and orphans and vulnerable children
Description: Provide literacy (Siswati and basic English), upper primary education and basic skills to adults and out of school youth in Swaziland.
Date Established: 1960
Buildings owned/rented: Owned
Land owned/rented: Owned
Vehicles owned/rented: Partly owned
Permanent staff: Permanent and contract staff
Additional help needed: Vehicles to monitor programs, volunteers for special projects, training equipment, money to review and produce learning material, funds to construct a hall and a vocational training workshop.
Principal income sources: Government subvention, NERCHA, UNESCO, UNICEF
Auditor: KPMG
Contact name: Tibekile Manana
Contact's role: Chief Executive Officer
Physical address: Somhlolo Road next to Swaziland College of Technology
Postal address: PO Box 64
Town: Mbabane
Post Code: H100
Swaziland code: +268
404 2644 / 404 5997
Email Sebenta@swazi.net / sebenta2@africaonline.co.sz
Key Phrases: basic education    illiterate    literacy education    non-formal upper primary education    orphans and vulnerable children    over-aged children    Sebenta    vocational education   
Target Groups: illiterate adults    illiterate over-aged children    orphans and vulnerable children   
Help Needed: building materials    funding    training equipment    vehicles    volunteers   

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