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  Business Women's Forum of Swaziland
Target Group: Women in business/corporate
Description: Business Training for women. Mentorship, Advocacy for women in business issues, internship for women business graduates, organising events for women in business, research on women in business issues, information dissemination and representation of women in business.
Date Established: 2007
Buildings owned/rented: None
Land owned/rented: None
Vehicles owned/rented: None
Permanent staff: None (on contract)
Additional help needed: Human Resources, Finance
Principal income sources: UNDP, user pay services (attendance fee to events/trainings)
Contact name: Lungile Mzizi
Contact's role: Manager
Physical address: Emafini Business Centre Malagwane Hill
Postal address: P. O. Box 72
Town: Mbabane
Post Code: H100
Swaziland code: +268
404 0768/ 404 4408
Email fsecc@business-swaziland.com
Website: www.business-swaziland.com
Key Phrases: advocacy    forum     internship    women graduates    women in business   
Target Groups: women in business   
Help Needed: finance    human resources   

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