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  Emmanuel Khayalethu (EMK)
Target Group: HIV & AIDS affected and infected abandoned, neglected and abused children
Description: Our mission is to ensure that the live of new babies are saved, their biological identities are preserved and to rescue children who have suffered any form of abuse. We reduce baby killings and abandonment by communicating with anyone harbouring the thought of hurting a baby for any reason. We offer to vulnerable children: refuge, rehabilitation, reintegration, adoption and fostering locally and internationally; counselling; donated clothing and baby formula; education; medication and spiritual upliftment. We bought a farm and planted a vegetable garden, and started constructing a house and school. More houses are needed.
Date Established: 2002
Buildings owned/rented: Owned
Land owned/rented: Owned
Vehicles owned/rented: One owned
Permanent staff: 24
Additional help needed: Volunteers; money; furniture; building materials (tiles, etc) to complete the house and school; more houses; winter clothing; sports shoes; school uniforms and school fees; medical fees and office equipment
Principal income sources: Overseas aid, vegetable garden, local donations, welfare contribution and church donation.
Auditor: Ndhallahwa & Company
Contact name: Hixonia Nxumalo
Contact's role: Director
Physical address: Portion 49 of the Farm Droxford Estate No. 1007, Hhohho.
Postal address: Box 47
Town: Eveni, Mbabane
Post Code: H103
Swaziland code: +268
409 0171
Email nxumalo.ld@realnet.co.sz
Website: www.ekhayalethu.org
Key Phrases: abandoned children    abuse    adoption    fostering    HIV & AIDS    neglected children    refuge    rehabilitation    reintegration   
Target Groups: abandoned children    abused children    children affected by HIV and AIDS    children with HIV and AIDS    neglected children   
Help Needed: building materials    furniture    medical fees    money    office equipment    school fees    school uniforms    sports shoes    volunteers    winter clothing   

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