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  Gone Rural boMake
Target Group: The 740 women artisan of Gone Rural (Pty) Ltd, their families and community members. The women belong to 13 production groups at different locations in rural Swaziland.
Description: Health: HIV/AIDS prevention and intervention: Mobile Wellness clinic, Peer Education programme, HCT. Water Sanitation and Hygiene: Clean drinking water sources, sanitation and hygiene facilities. Education: School Fees Bursary Fund, adultís literacy and advocacy training.
Date Established: 2006
Buildings owned/rented: rented
Land owned/rented: N/A
Vehicles owned/rented: None
Permanent staff: Programme Director, Water projects officer, Educational programmes officer.
Additional help needed: Financial support for: school fees, water proejcts, operational work as well as vehicle and maintainace,
Principal income sources: Gone Rural customers, overseas aid, fund-raising events, local donations
Auditor: Synegry, Manzini
Contact name: Yael Uzan-TIdhar
Contact's role: Programme Director
Physical address: Gone Rural workshop
Malandela's Farm
Postal address: P.O. Box 446 Malkerns Swaziland
Town: Mahlanya/Malkerns
Post Code: M204
Swaziland code: +268
550 4936, 7612 8310
Email bomake@gonerural.co.sz
Website: www.goneruralbomake.org
Key Phrases: Education    Empowerment    HIV/AIDS    Water    Women    
Target Groups: Artisans    children    community    students    Women   
Help Needed: borehole    nurese    school fees    Vehicle   

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