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  Hope House, Manzini
Target Group: HIV/AIDS and terminally ill clients
Description: Faith-based hospice offering: palliative nursing care, counselling (of clients and family members to come to terms with the illness), monitoring of medication; treatment and care of the terminally ill; spiritual and psychological assistance. Training of care givers who are with the clients who are admitted at the Centre where they may stay 2-3 months before being discharged. Prepare serious clients for a dignified death.
Date Established:
Buildings owned/rented: Owned and managed by the Roman Catholic Church
Land owned/rented: Owned by the Roman Catholic Church
Vehicles owned/rented: No vehicle
Permanent staff: 3 nurses, 1 housekeeper, 1 groundsman, 1 caregiver, part-time accountant
Additional help needed: We depend entirely on donations and need: money; volunteers; medications; transport
Principal income sources: Local donations; fund-raising events
Auditor: Koblie Quashie & Associates, Manzini
Contact name: St Elsa Joseph, Mr William Kelly
Contact's role: Programme Manager (Sr Joseph), Director of Caritas (William Kelly)
Physical address: Next to St Theresa's Clinic, Sandlane Street, Manzini
Postal address: PO Box 4794
Town: Manzini
Post Code: M200
Swaziland code: +268
505 2644, 505 6900
Email hopehouse@realnet.co.sz
Key Phrases: counselling    faith-based    HIV & AIDS    hospice    palliative nursing care    terminally ill    training of care givers   
Target Groups: HIV & AIDS    terminally ill   
Help Needed: medications    money    transport    volunteers   

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