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  St Margaret
Target Group: Orphans and needy
Description: Soup kitchen and whatever else needs help. Grow own vegetables when possible.
Date Established:
Buildings owned/rented: One church in Lobamba - used for storage and soup kitchen
Land owned/rented: Owned by the church and we are allowed to use it
Vehicles owned/rented: None
Permanent staff: Two caregivers - not paid
Additional help needed: Food for soup; Seedlings for vegetable garden
Principal income sources: Church and donors or Orma pays
Contact name: Orma Mavimbela
Contact's role: She runs it herself
Physical address: Near Parliament in Lobamba
Postal address: PO Box 5164
Town: Mbabane
Post Code: H100
Swaziland code: +268
416 1490
Email ormamavi@realnet.co.sz
Key Phrases: Needy people    Orphans    Soup kitchen   
Target Groups: Needy    Orphans   
Help Needed: donations    Food to make soup    vegetable seedlings   

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