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  Action Against Hunger
Target Group: Children with malnutrition and linkages with HIV and AIDS will be expanding into adult malnutrition 2010
Description: Capacity building in collaboration with Swaziland National Nutrition Council (SNNC) train and mentor Ministry of Health staff across the country in health facilities on detection, treatment and monitoring of children with acute malnutrition and the linkages with HIV. Community sensitisation and mobilisation working with traditional and community leaders in all four regions on issues including nutrition, malnutrition and the link with HIV.
Date Established: Action Against Hunger established 1979, started in Swaziland in 2007
Buildings owned/rented: 1 rented
Land owned/rented: N/A
Vehicles owned/rented: 3 vehicles owned
Permanent staff: International 3; National 20
Additional help needed: Additional funds, volunteers
Principal income sources: Bilateral partners (PEPFAR, EU), UN (e.g. UNICEF)
Contact name: Gwynneth Wong
Contact's role: Head of Mission
Physical address: Lot 33, Malunge Township
Postal address: PO Box 4310
Town: Mbabane
Post Code: H100
Swaziland code: +268
409 0074 / 7602 3753
Email Hom-ls-sz@acf-e.org
Website: www.actionagainsthunger.og
Key Phrases: capacity building    community mobilisation    community sensitisation    HIV    malnutrition    Nutrition   
Target Groups: children infected & affected by HIV/AIDS    children with malnutrition   
Help Needed: funding    volunteers   

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