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  Cheshire Homes of Swaziland (CHS)
Target Group: Physically disabled
Description: Rehabilitation:-
Occupational therapy
Home visits
Residential care
Date Established: 1986
Buildings owned/rented: Owned
Land owned/rented: Owned
Vehicles owned/rented: Owned
Permanent staff: 4 (3 Residential staff and 1 Physiotherapy assistant)
Additional help needed: Advocacy Volunteer, volunteers, funds to run the home, equipment for rehabilitation such as wheel chairs.
Principal income sources: Government subvention
In-house fundraising
Fundraising events
Local donations
LCD South Africa (Leonard Cheshire Disability)
Auditor: Price Water House Coopers
Contact name: Ms. Khosie Hlatshwayo
Contact's role: Administrator
Physical address: Corner of 8th Street and 5th Street on Matsapha industrial site
Postal address: P.O. Box 713
Town: Manzini. Swaziland
Post Code: M200
Swaziland code: +268
518 6334
Email admin@cheshire.org.sz
Website: www.cheshire.org.sz
Key Phrases: Cheshire    Occupational therapy    Physically disabled    Physiotherapy    Rehabilitation     Residential care   
Target Groups: Physically disabled   
Help Needed: Advocacy volunteer    funds    physical rehabilitation equipment    volunteers    wheelchairs   

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