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  Swaziland Breast Cancer Network
Target Group: Cancer victims – Breast, Cervical
Description: We run 2 breast cancer clinics, one at Manzini City Council on Tuesdays 9am-1pm, the other at Mbabane Government Hospital OPD room 4 from 9am-1pm. We diagnose breast cancer patients and send them for mastectomy at MGH, chemotherapy/radiotherapy in South Africa. We also see cervical cancer patients as well as other types of cancers. We have an Oncologist from Cuba working with us. We also see patients with other problems with their breasts. We do clinical breast exams and teach self breast exams. We also do training to health care workers, as well as the public on breast, cervical, testicular, and prostate cancers.
Date Established: November 2000
Buildings owned/rented: We rent one building.
Land owned/rented: No
Vehicles owned/rented: We own 2 vehicles
Permanent staff: 3
Additional help needed: Volunteers, additional funding for chemotherapy program, and cervical cancer program
Principal income sources: Government subvention, W.K. Kellogg, African Women’s Development Fund, ARSAS, NCD, UNFPA
Auditor: PriceWaterHouseCoopers
Contact name: Teresa Rehmeyer
Contact's role: Acting Executive Director
Physical address: 24 JSM Matsebula Street, Queensgate, Mbabane
Postal address: P.O. Box A712 Swazi Plaza
Town: Mbabane
Post Code: H101
Swaziland code: +268
Email sbcn@realnet.co.sz
Website: www.breastcancernet.org.sz
Key Phrases: Breast cancer    cancer association    cancer network    cervical cancer    chemotherapy   
Target Groups: Breast cancer    Cancer sufferers    Cervical cancer    prostate cancer    testicular cancer   
Help Needed: funding    volunteer   

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