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  AMICAALL – The Alliance of Mayors Initiative for Community Action on AIDS at the Local Level.
Target Group: HIV/AIDS Urban Response (targeting, local government, OVCs, Youth, People Affected by and Living with HIV/AIDS).
Description: AMICAALL works in collaboration with local government, communities and partners to facilitate the following programs under three thematic areas, namely; Prevention, Impact Mitigation and Response management. Below is a list of key AMICAALL programs and activities.

Community Dialogues
Create forums for participatory planning and consultation, and consistently engage urban residents on key HIV issues - such as discrimination, gender and human rights - using proven Community Conversation & Capacity Enhancement (CC-CE) models.

Community Mobilization
Advocate for multi-sectoral community involvement and action on local issues, and promote social change by informing and educating our key target groups in creative events and activities.

Skills Development
Continually build the skills and knowledge of staff, community volunteers and local leaders to effectively plan, implement and manage HIV/AIDS programs and activities.

Youth Mentors - Peer Education
Encourage urban youth to stay healthy, happy and responsible by giving them adequate information, empowering them with life skills and offering a variety of development opportunities.

School Health Clubs
Create supportive environments for students to discuss issues of personal development, sexual and reproductive health, including HIV/AIDS, and abuse.

Workplace Programs
Promote workplace health and wellness programs; assisting with policy development and facilitation of information sessions.

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT)
Help families to prevent pediatric HIV infection, improve maternal health and reduce mortality among women and children.

Voluntary Counseling & Testing (VCT)
Promote the benefits of VCT to urban residents and provide free, confidential HIV testing at local clinics and during outreach activities.

Condom Promotion & Distribution
Encourage the correct and consistent use of condoms, provide demonstrations and distribute free condoms through shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, and during events and activities.

Home Based Care
Provide advice, care and support to the chronically ill, and their families at home.

Orphan Care Points (Social Centers)
Support the healthy physical, social, psychological and emotional development of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Child Protection (Lihlombe Lekukhalela)
Protect children in urban areas from abuse and provide referrals and psychosocial support to the abused and traumatized.

Food Security
Work to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable groups (orphans, PLWHA, elderly) by implementing a variety of sustenance farming initiatives.

Income Generating Projects (IGPs)
Help to create sustainable livelihoods for our care-givers and beneficiaries.

Provide Anti-Retroviral Therapy to people living with HIV and AIDS to improve quality and longevity of life.

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
Systematic collection and analysis of information and data generated by staff and volunteers, and using it to inform decision making and evaluate program effectiveness

Communications & Advocacy
Increase AMICAALL Swaziland’s ability to inform, influence, engage and motivate staff, volunteers, local leaders and urban communities, through disseminating consistent information about AMICAALL programs and key HIV issues, and actively supporting behavior and social change efforts.
Date Established: 2001
Buildings owned/rented: N/a
Land owned/rented: N/a
Vehicles owned/rented: 10 owned
Permanent staff: 25 contracted staff
Additional help needed: AMICAALL is seeking support to develop and maintain all program areas and activities (detailed above), including funding, technical support and resources. AMICAALL also welcomes applications from motivated urban residents who wish to volunteer with the program. If you are interested in supporting AMICAALL or becoming a volunteer please contact us
Principal income sources: African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), National Emergency Response Council (NERCHA), Global Fund, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Food Programme (WFP), Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Local Government
Auditor: KPMG, Mbabane
Contact name: Mr. Rudolph Maziya
Contact's role: National Director
Physical address: LaMvelase Building. Cnr, Sandlane and Nkoseluhlaza Streets, Manzini, Swaziland
Postal address: PO Box 519
Town: Ezulwini
Post Code: H106
Swaziland code: +268
505 7143 / 505 7792 / 505 7755
Email rudolph.maziya@amicaall.co.sz
Website: www.amicaall.co.sz
Key Phrases: AIDS    child protection (lihlombe lekukhalela)    communications & advocacy    community dialogues    condom promotion & distribution    food security    home based care    income generation    local government    monitoring & evaluation    orphan care points (social centers)    peer education    prevention of mother to child transmission    skills development    urban AIDS    voluntary counseling & testing    women    youth   
Target Groups: HIV/AIDS urban response    orphans & vulnerable children    people affected by and living with HIV/AIDS    youth   
Help Needed: funding    technical support & resources    volunteers   

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